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Our Story


Like many Veterans, I struggled to adjust to civilian life after spending 8 years in the United States Army. Despite having great family support, I experienced symptoms of depression, had trouble sleeping and wasn't coping well with stress. Nothing seemed to help and I desperately searched for any relief.

Like most people, I spent a fair amount of time on Facebook when I stumbled across a video of first time floaters. I immediately found a place and booked a float. Although I was intrigued I was also skeptical. I had my first float...and I found my relief. I had never felt this way before. My body didn't ache, my mind was calm and I felt like a million bucks. That night I had the best night's sleep I've ever had!

I wanted to spread the word of this salty goodness so more people could reap the benefits and I decided to open a float center. After a year and half of planning and lots of research Midwest Float was born.

My hope is to help as many people as I can use floating to have a better quality of life!


From its inception, one of our primary goals at Midwest Float has been to give back to our community.

We are particularly proud of our motivation and passion for reaching our veteran population. Midwest Float is excited to offer a ‘pay it forward’ program for both our active and veteran servicemen and women, allowing them to float for free the last Wednesday of every month.

The ‘Float it Forward’ program aims to help veterans discover floating as one of many tools that can offer some measure of relief from the varied symptoms and effects of PTSD as well as relaxation for both mind and body. 

2120 SW Brandywine Lane, Topeka, KS 66614 | 785-783-8307
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