float club rules

Introducing the Float Club


Hey Floatie Friend! Thanks for coming to check out our Float Club Membership.

If you like floating and saving money then you're going to LOVE being a member! 

You'll save 25-50% on all of our services, plus 10% on retail. 

Take the leap and invest in yourself today!

Become a float club member and save up to 50% on services annually.

Non-Club Pricing

  • 60-Minute Float 90-Minute Float - $74
  • 90-Minute Float 60-Minute Float - $64
  • 90-Minute Couples Float 90-Minute Couples Float - $94
  • 60-Minute Couples Float 60-Minute Couples Float - $84
  • 30-Minute Infrared Sauna 30-Minute Infrared Sauna - $30